The unique scenery

Praia de O Rodo, Pantín

O Rodo beach, Pantín

O Rodo beach is a perfect place to run an event such as the Pull & Bear Pantín Classic Galicia Pro. In fact, It is an unique natural scenery along the world surfing tour. It has a characterist hill from where the public, from a privileged point of view, can watch the surfers riding the waves and how the green of the mountains merge with the blue of the ocean as it only happens in Galicia.

It is highlighted by the Surfers that come every year from all over the world how the combination of this scenery with the care of local people make Pantín Classic one of the most loved events in the whole World Surf League Tour.

The beach receives tons of swell from west and northwest low pressure systems. It is well known as ‘The factory’ because it delivers a bunch of solid and powerfull waves that push the riders to give their best. Actually ít has never been cancelled within its thirty years of history due to the lack of waves.

Did you know that the Pull&Bear Pantín Classic Galicia Pro is held within a protected area?

Pantín Beach figure included within a Special Area of Conservation called “Red Natura 2000”, within the space called Costa Ártabra. We are in a protected natural area of high ecological value, quality and good conservation of its sandy seabeds, its cliffs, intertidal areas, beach and dune system.


The Pantín Classic Pro commitment


We want to make a big effort to achieve that our Championship becomes an example also in environmental respect.

In this and the following editions we will make an extra effort to introduce our environmental commitment for a  better preservation of  the protected environment of  Pantín, at the same time we want that the event serves as an element of outreach and awareness of the protection need  for the dune systems and the ecological wealth existing in Pantín..

WE CONTINUE IN THIS XXX EDITION WHAT WE HAVE STARTED IN THE XXIX EDITION OF THE PANTIN CLASSIC, to be a starting point for becoming an internationally  recognized   surf event for its commitment to conservation and biodiversity protection, and as DEMONSTRATION EXAMPLE OF HOW THE SURF CAN HELP IN PROTECTING DUNE SYSTEMS AND THE GALICIAN COAST.

RIGHT NOW we are already working to contribute that next spring LA PÍLLARA DE LAS DUNAS can breed normally in the sands of Pantín, and to get engaged in spreading measures contemplated in the Conservation Plan of this species in Galicia.
We will promote the declaration and signaling of a threatened flora Micro reserve in the dunes of Pantín, which will pay special attention to protect populations of threatened and endangered species that are in it.
We want the PULL&BEAR PANTÍN CLASSIC GALICIA PRO as an element of awareness of the need to preserve the dune systems.


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