1988 -2016

In Galicia the first surf club was created in November 1987. Vicente Irisarri, Carlos Bremón, Gonzalo Barro, Carmen Aguilar and Fernando Montalvo, were among others, those who decided to start it. Oceano Surf Club was born.


In Pantín have been eight world surfing champions: Tom Curren, Mark Ochiluppo, C. J. Hoodgood, Damien Hardman, Sunny Garcia, Joel Parkinson, Gabriel Medina and Sofia Mulanovich.
Given that professional surfing comes relatively late to Spain, this data puts into perspective the magnitude of this championship. In the 1999 edition the number of entries in the competition played a record of 200 surfers – 56 of them Australians. That same year 25,000 people witnessed the triumph of one of the best surfers of all time: Joel Parkinson.
In 2000 it held in Pantín the first female WQS of Spain. In 2008 the Club Praia de Pantín takes over as organizer and in 2009 Pantín Classic is named best sports event by the Xunta de Galicia.
In 2010 Pantín becomes, along with Azores, the only beach in Europe held in a male and female test WQS 6 stars simultaneously.

1988 – 2016 Annual summaries


First edition of the Pantín Classic, held between 23 and 25 September. 
Jorge Imbert (Euskadi) wins the final against Fernando Adarraga (Galicia), Balbi Irisarri (Galicia) and Roberto Ziller [...]


The South African David Malherbe wins the second edition of Mike Raven test British, Australian and Spanish Mat Manners Huppah Soler. The championship takes place between 29th of September and [...]


He edits the magazine first championship with David Malherbe on the cover. The championship becomes part of the European Tour Pro-Am. The amount of awards this year is € 4,000. The Australian [...]


The first edition with huge waves. Quiksilver is incorporated as the main sponsor of the event, beginning a successful sponsorship relationship ending in 1997. During the four days of the [...]


UA top-five world for the first time in Pantín: Mark Occhilupo, Occy, participated in Pantín at a difficult time of his career. Seven years later get the world title, remaining to this day in the [...]


The championship is held for the first time in summer, between July 29 and August 1, with a beach of Pantín packed audience. The Pantín Classic integrates WQS on the world circuit with a star [...]

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