Today’s Schedule, Sunday 2nd of september 2018

Photo: Lifestyle – WSL/Poullenot


10amQS EVENT: Morning Call for Women and Men

Women Quarterfinals
Men RD16 Heats 1-4
Men Quarterfinals
Women Semifinals
Men Semifinals
Women Final
Men Final

12am – PANTÍN ECO: Walk to the Pantín Castro

All the day

Displays, samples and draws at the Pantín Eco Surf and main area

Skate Ramp

To determine

Award Ceremony


Day D is here! We will know today the names of the new Pull&Bear Pantin Classic Galicia Champs!

The last contenders of the QS 6000 and the QS 3000 are called at 9am. If conditions are good, action will start at this time and we’ll discover step by step who who will be crowned in Pantín.

Another sunny day is expected today, with warm temperature (30ºC) and a solid swell on offer. A perfect showdown for the Galician Classic!

Side Activities

Last day of the Pull&Bear Pantín Classic Galicia Pro will offer, again, a bunch of activities to enterntain the crowd in Pantín. The Pantín Eco Surf area will be te perfect mark to host displays, samples and draws; Craftsmen and little companies commit to sustainability would be delighted to attend all the visitors.

Furthermore, from this area will run a guided route to the Castro of Pantín, from 12pm to 1pm.

Sunday will be also the last chance to visit the Pop Up Store of Pull&Bear and get one piece of its highly appreciated collection. Finally, the Estrella Galicia zone, and its spectaculars views over the lineup, will be the perfect place to live all the action of this exciting showdown.

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